Κυριακή, 30 Μαΐου 2010

the white stripes..

...are an ok band but they're  even cooler on my dress!!this summer obsession is stripes and the colour blue.that is if you can call blue,that h&m blue-greyish kinda worn out colour...that only in h&m can achieve(sarcasm sign...heh).the dress is actually a present from my girlfriends on my nameday,and i love the fact of how well this guys know me and my taste...oh oh and my gladiator sandals are baaack!!
in other news,my feet are so happy since i introduced them to these shoes.flat,blue,light and with a ropy(is this a word?) bottom are ideal for warm greek days in athens..plus they are super cheap and i got them from h&m(where else????)

Κυριακή, 16 Μαΐου 2010

the queen is dead...long live the queen!!!!

....and yes ladies and gentlemen i just received my first award!!youpi!!!thanks to zoe that is..(you are a darling).so now i have to pass it on..and since i realized that several fellow bloggers have already been awarded...hah..let's not leave anyone complaining...so this award goes to

my beloved amethyst and the emerald because we love her photos and i want to make her post more often(we miss you girl)

mademoiselle fashion algorithms for her diy projects

and elena from LFoF for having the warmest smile among fashion bloggers..

that's it!!thanks again zoe!!!cheers!

attention to the detail.....

....this month's resolution is to start writing all of my posts in english.i'm getting kind of bored translating everything from greek to english(dude you are sooo lazy...).so here it is!!did anyone alse noticed that this spring the collection at zara shops is awesome???the moment i laid eyes on that cute blue dress on its hanger..i knew it!!love at first sight and other cliches!!the small belt made out of rope,the comfy pockets(cause sometimes you need a pair in an awkward or uncomfortable situation) and the small buttons on the sleeve where the details that made me fall for it..odd thing in the picture...tights!!ok i know it is hot as hell outside but my legs are sooooo pale that can glow in the dark...so cut me some slack on this one..ok?cheers!!!

Κυριακή, 9 Μαΐου 2010

a post filled with love and fashion....

...νομιζω οτι σε ολες μας εχει τυχει(τουλαχιστον μια φορα) να χαζευουμε παλιες φωτογραφιες της μαμας μας και να γκρινιαζουμε "ελα ρε μανα γιατι δεν το κρατησες αυτο το φορεμα?","μα καλα πως σου ηρθε και το πεταξες αυτο το μπλουζακι?"...για να λαβουμε συνηθως την αφοπλιστικη απαντηση..."ε που νa το φανταζομουν οτι θα γυρναγε η μοδα?"ευτυχως η μανουλα μου η γλυκια (χεχε) ηταν προνοητικη...εχθες ανοιξαμε μαζι ενα μπαουλο γεματο χρωματα,γλυκιες μυρωδιες,αναμνησεις.....και ενα σκασμο ρουχα!!ολα φυλαγμενα απο την εποχη που ηταν στην ηλικια μου(αρα οοοοολα απο τα 80's)  και ωωω κοιτα μια συμπτωση ολα στη μοδα!!καπου εδω και πριν σας τα δειξω(γιατι εχω λυσσαξει απο τη χαρα μου αν τα δειξω σε ολο τον κοσμο...χεχε) θελω απλα να ζητησω μια συγνωμη απο τα 80's για ολα τα ασχημα πραγματα που εχω πει πισω  απο την  πλατη τους...οκ υπηρχαν και ομορφα ρουχα εκεινη την περιοδο...το παραδεχομαι...sorry!!!

.....i think that to all of us there 've been some times while looking to old photos of our moms that we 've said"why didn;t you keep that dress??" or "why did you have to throw away that shirt?"...to receive that disarming answer"how should i know that this trend would come around??".thank god my sweet mom was ahead of that..yesterday we opened a trunk full of colours,sweet smells and memories..and a load of clothes!!everything kept from the time she was my age and ohh what a coincidence everything in fashion!!at this poiont and before i show them to you i just want to apologize from the 80's for all the bad thinks i said behind their back...ok there were nice clothes back then...i admit it....sorry!!!

δεξια το high waisted shorts που τοοοοσο πολυ φοριεται και τοοοοσο πολυ μας αρεσει!!!

...γιατι ειχε και high fashion γουστα η μανουλα!!χεχε

(drumrollll)...tadan!!!αυτη η φορμα ειναι η αγαπημενη μου...αυριο κιολας παει μοδιστρα για να γινει ολοσωμη φορμα-σορτσακι!!!

Πέμπτη, 6 Μαΐου 2010

comme une ballerine....

..καινουργιες εσπαντριγιες(τι λεξη κι αυτη θεε μου!!) απο fulah sugah..ειναι το πιο ανετο (και δροσερο θα προσθεσω) παπουτσι που εχω φορεσει τον τελευταιο καιρο!!και για αν δικαιολογησω τον χαζοτιτλο απο το post μου....εε να μωρε μου θυμιζουν λιγο τις πουεντ....οχι???

....new espadrilles(what a word!!) from fulah sugah..comfiest and coolest shoe i've worn in along time!!oooh and to explain my title...they kinda remind me of  pointe...no???

working class hero...

..As soon as your born they make you feel small,
By giving you no time instead of it all,
Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all,
A working class hero is something to be,
A working class hero is something to be.
Υ.Γ. το boyfriend γυρισε απο βερολινο και εφερε καλουδια αναμεσα τους και αυτη η τσαντα.πιο επικαιρο δεν παιζει αυτες μερες...

p.s.boyfriend just came back from berlin baring gifts including this bag.could it be more accurate( due to the situation in greece)??